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All county assemblies form special committees that provide oversight for the work of the county executive. The committees play a very important role in ensuring that the County Government tackles the priority issues in the county. The House committees in the Kitui County Assembly are as follows:


  • Finance and Economic Planning Committee
  • Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Committee
  • Basic Education, Training and Skills Development Committee
  • Trade, ICT and Cooperative Development Committee
  • Agriculture, Water and Irrigation Committee
  • Health and Sanitation Committee
  • Environment, Energy and Mineral Investments Development Committee
  • Tourism Committee
  • Labour and Social Welfare Committee
  • Justice and Legal Afairs Committee


  • Budget and Appropriations Committee
  • Procedure and Rules Committee
  • Public Investments and Accounts Committee
  • Selection Committee
  • County Assembly Business Committee
  • Liaison Committee
  • Appointments Committee
Click here to download the full list of members in each committee.


Committees enjoy and exercise all the powers and privileges bestowed on the Assembly by the Constitution and statutes, including;

  1. Power to summon witnesses
  2. Receive evidence
  3. To request for and receive papers and documents from the Government and the public.


All committee proceedings are open to the public unless in exceptional circumstances the Speaker has determined that there are justifiable reasons for the exclusion of the public. The Committee may adjourn to seek leave of the Speaker to exclude the public.


The Clerk prepares and publishes the schedule of sittings of the various committees and circulates such programmes to Members, County Departments not later than the Friday of the week preceeding such business. Find the weekly schedules here below;

Committee Sittings Schedule

WEEK COMMENCING ON 16TH TO 20TH JULY, 2018 Committee Schedule July 12, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 9TH TO 13TH JULY, 2018 Committee Schedule July 5, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 2ND JULY TO 6TH JULY 2018 Committee Schedule June 29, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 25TH JUNE TO 29TH JUNE, 2018 Committee Schedule June 21, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 14TH MAY T0 18TH MAY, 2018 Committee Schedule May 14, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 2ND TO 6TH APRIL, 2018 Committee Schedule April 3, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 19TH MARCH TO 23RD MARCH, 2018 Committee Schedule March 19, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 12TH MARCH TO 16TH MARCH, 2018 Committee Schedule March 12, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 5TH MARCH TO 9TH MARCH, 2018 Committee Schedule March 5, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 26TH FEB TO 2ND MARCH, 2018 Committee Schedule Feb 26, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 19TH FEB TO 23RD FEB, 2018 CommIttee Schedule Feb 19, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 12TH FEB TO 16TH FEB, 2018 Committee Schedule Feb 12, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 11TH DEC TO 15TH DEC, 2017 Committee Schedule Dec 11, 2018
WEEK COMMENCING ON 27TH NOV TO 1ST DEC, 2017 Committee Schedule Nov 27, 2017
WEEK COMMENCING ON 13TH NOV TO 17TH NOV, 2017 Committee Schedule Nov 13, 2017
WEEK COMMENCING ON 30TH OCT TO 3RD NOV, 2017 Committee Schedule Oct 30, 2017
WEEK COMMENCING ON 23RD OCT TO 27TH OCT, 2017 Committee Schedule Oct 23, 2017




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